Saturday, December 25, 2010

Saturday Six – The Blazing Minds Christmas Day Special

Saturday Six – The Blazing Minds 

Christmas Day Special

1. What was the best present you’ve had today? 

gift certificates from SM

2. What is the worst present you’ve had today? 


3. Did you leave out milk and mince pies for Santa and a some carrots for the reindeer? 

Nope, I put them in the refrigirator so Santa have to open the ref 

to pause for snack.

4. Did you get up early this morning or have a lie in? 

I have to get up early 'coz I have visitors today.

5. Is your Christmas dinner all prepared?  

Yep! My children can't wait for christmas eve!

6. Who’s doing the washing up? 

Me, me, me and only me. Our helper had a day-off.


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