Wednesday, January 12, 2011

His work of ART (HMUA)

Model: Janine Christ

Top by Benjie S. Manuel
Styling/Direction: Shine Casiño
HMUA: Bhoyette Piloton

Shot on location Cagayan de Oro Hardware Warehouse

(appearing on yesterday's isue of MINDANAO GOLDSTAR DAILY) 
Stylist Bhoyette Piloton prepares model Jackie Lorejo for a choco-themed photoshoot 
recently at an Opol resort. 
Admiring the process are models Match Rojas and Hannah Suazo. 
Photo by mark Francisco, urban life editor

HMUA stands for hair and make-up artist. He/She is bhoyette, my younger brother. Talented - dance choreographer & hair and make up artist.That's maybe my youngest daughter Jillianne likes to pose in a camera. she was inspired by her Tito.


  1. wow, your brother is really talented. can i be one of his models. :)

  2. HI Jen, thanks for dropping by..nice to know you ...

    By the way I have followed your two blogs already ahve listed you in my friends list here.. coming up with a new one actually.. the teacher's link.. probably I will not do it anymore.. but Mommy willa is coming up with another batch of blogger exchange you can join there.. I'm joining too.

    here's the link to my blog of your link

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